Our financial partners offer a variety of solutions to your financial needs.  PPA loans, hard money loans, bridge loans, debt or equity loans.  One of these solutions is the ability to fund your project based on the contracts you secure.

100% PPA Financing for any project or company with investment grade entities worldwide!  

The investment grade entity may be a governmental agency, local municipality, feedstock provider, off-taker power purchaser, O&M or technology provider, Contractor, JV Partner, etc.

This lending is based on the credit of the investment grade entities involved.  It is not project specific, but credit worthy specific.

This funding can be used for many types of business ventures, from energy to economic development to manufacturing. If there are contracts or joint ventures with investment grade entities, your project may qualify.

Funding is based on the credit worthiness of the investment grade entity (BBB or higher on S&P or Baaa or better on Moody’s) involved in your project.

Please email me at jwatson@inrefco.com or call at (530) 513-7332 or skype me @ inrefco to see if your project qualifies for this financing. To qualify for this financing, we will need to determine if any of the entities involved in your project are of investment grade (Baaa or higher on Moody’s or BBB on S&P,) in order to proceed.

Thank you,

Jason Watson